Pets mysteriously die after neighbors say they consumed poisoned meatballs

There is a mystery on the streets of Pawleys Island, where several animals have died after their owners say they ate meatball-like objects found in a yard.

One family is searching for answers after the loss of their two dogs.

"I can live to be 100 years old and I'll never get over this...Coming home and not having Bear come down the stairs or looking in the window," said Russell Hardy, eyes welled up with tears.

About two weeks ago, Jeanine Meditz and her fiancee, Russell Hardy, took their dog Bear out for a walk along their street in Pawleys Island.

"At 1:15 I see him eat something off my front lawn. When I came home at 6:30 he was dead in front of my front door. I couldn't even get in the house," Meditz explained.

An hour later, Meditz said their other dog Jake became severely ill as well.

"We rushed him to the animal hospital where he had to be euthanized. He was dying in front of us."

But, it was only after coming home from the hospital that she noticed something suspicious. Meditz said she walked outside and saw her whole yard filled with a meatball-like objects.

Meditz added that investigators came to collect and test the substance.

Like Meditz, neighbors like Victoria Taber-Santos wants to know those results. Around the same time, she found a dead feral cat in her driveway.

"I went out. I saw it. I went back in the house. I called the police," Taber-Santos explained.

We asked the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office to provide us with the police reports on the incidents and there are five.

In all, they're investigating the deaths of at least three dogs and three cats.

The Sheriff's Office says the test results on the substance are still pending.