Pets attacked by roaming dogs

Sasha and Bucky before the attack.

An Horry County woman hopes the owners of two dogs that attacked her pets will come forward. The incident happened Monday morning and one of the dogs involved is one who has made headlines before.

Almost a year ago WPDE NewsChannel brought you the story of a dog named Bucky. He was separated from his owner but the two were reunited after Bucky made a 500 mile journey from Virginia to the Grand Strand, where his owner Mark Wessells lives. Bucky is doing well and has readjusted to life with Mark, but Monday he was unexpectedly attacked.

"I was sitting here as I do most mornings having coffee with the dog and the cat and I'd fed my birds," said Carla Ackley. She's Mark's mother and watches Bucky while he's at work. "And around the corner came a couple of dogs that have been cruising the neighborhood most mornings for about a year. They started to get a little more aggressive coming in closer, closer and this morning they came right into my garage."

Ackley said one of the dogs attacked Bucky so she grabbed the closest thing to her, a shovel to separate the animals.

"I hit the dog, dog left and then I got my dog in the house through the garage door and heard my cat screaming. Was in the mouth of the bulldog on the steps of my neighbors house," she explained.

Ackley ran through the bushes to help her beloved cat Sasha, "he just was not letting her go. I was yelling at him as hard as I could 'stop, drop it stop let her go, go home' he was just not responding at all this was his prey."

She also used the shovel to get the second dog away from Sasha who is now being treated for a cracked sternum and several puncture wounds. Bucky only suffered a minor injury on his paw.

Months ago Ackley took pictures of the two dogs because she was concerned about what she says was increasingly aggressive behavior when they walked the streets of The Lakes subdivision.

"I'm hoping that somewhere in this neighborhood is their owners and it's terrible to let a dog out and roam on purpose and being willful about it," she added.

Ackley called animal control and is hoping the owner will follow the law and stop letting the dogs roam around, "I think a good pet owner should take that into consideration when they have a pet that they have the responsibility to keep their pet under control and within their domain."

The officer who responded actively searched for the dogs but didn't find them. He plans to return Tuesday. If you know who the dogs belong to, or have a problem with animals in your neighborhood call Horry County Animal Control Dispatch at (843) 248-1520.