Perform acts of kindness for 26 Sandy Hook victims

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was senseless in every way imaginable, but out of each horror, we often see human spirit that overshadows any evil.

When it became known that people were performing 26 random acts of kindness in honor of the 26 Sandy Hook victims, NewsChannel 15 decided to share the effort with our community.

With only 30 minutes of preparation, four hours of footwork and nearly $80, our task was complete.

The 26 Acts:

1. Give flowers to a stranger

2. Place a dollar bill on a vending machine to buy someone a drink

3. Buy coffee for someone

4. Give someone a break at work

5. Sing Christmas Carols

6. Help a kid learn how to ride a bike

7. Give someone a random Christmas card

8. Pay for someone's gas

9. Help someone with a gift idea

10. Pay for someone's meal behind you at the drive thru

11. Leave $5 on a random person's car

12. Help someone with their groceries

13. Give a meal to the needy

14. Make a donation to charity

15. Walk someone's dog

16. Pass out candy canes to strangers

17. Do a chore for someone

18. Write a note to a troop overseas

19. Bring lunch to firefighters

20. Hold the door open for someone

21. Pick up something that someone has dropped by mistake

22. Give a random person a hug

23. Thank a veteran

24. Pay off someone's layaway

25. Deliver donated toys to needy children

26. Give donuts to police officers

During this mission, we started to see acts of kindness that people were doing for us - just as random but without the cameras.

Those are the true heroes we all should aspire to be.