Pelicans player celebrates Father's day

For 23-year-old Josh Richmond of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, baseball is life. His dad played college ball at Eastern Kentucky for five years.

"When we were down there, my mom and I almost every weekend went to the games. So I kind of grew up on the baseball field. And my dad taught me everything that I know."

Baseball was Richmond's life up until a year and a half ago. In April, Josh and his fiance Lauren moved to the Grand Strand, along with their 15 month old son Colton.

"He loves the games. He loves Splash," Lauren said.

Lauren and Colton never miss a home game. She says their son is now starting to recognize dad behind the plate too.

"Josh will put his helmet on, but when he takes it off he sees the blonde hair and is like dada!" she adds.

"It's neat to be doing that now with myself and being able to you know pass on what he taught me," she said.

And Colton who has also taught Josh a lesson or two about the game.

"It helps me to kind of put everything in perspective at the field. He doesn't care if I win three for three or have three strike outs or hit three home runs at the end of the day," Josh said.