Pelicans plan to brew original beer for a good cause

Hops garden at the Pelicans stadium

Beer has historically been a big part of the Baseball experience. Myrtle Beach's minor league baseball team, the Pelicans, ha


decided to not only sell beer, but brew their own.

A hops garden has been planted down the right field side in an area of the ballpark they call Hops Heaven. Once the hops have grown, they will be taken to a local brewery, New South Brewery, to create a one of a kind Pelican beer.

Vice President and General Manager, Andy Milovich, says he's not sure what they'll call it yet, but they plan to make it a fun name and something that truly showcases the ballpark.

When the beer is ready this coming fall, a beer festival will be held to unveil the beer to the public in a celebration called Hops for Hospice. The proceeds from the event will go to a local hospice.

This idea came from another baseball team in Clearwater, Florida. In the first year of that team's event, they raised more than $20,000.

Milovich is excited about brewing their own beer and says "that doing it in a fashion that gives back to the community is really what its all about."

Since the beer will not be ready until the fall, the Pelicans still plan on using Hops Heaven this season to showcase craft beers.

Every month, a craft beer will be paired with a new food item they'll offer inside the park.