"Peeping Tom" caught on apartment surveillance camera

courtesy Myrtle Beach Police Department

Myrtle Beach police arrested Tony Darin Hayes, 23, after they say he peered into a woman's window at an apartment complex in Myrtle Beach Thursday night.

The victim was home with her children when she told police she noticed her upstairs neighbor, Hayes, looking at her through her bedroom window with his face only inches away from the glass.

A car that was pulling into the parking lot scared Hayes away, but she noticed he was peering through her kitchen window just minutes later, according to the police report.

The victim told the apartment complex manager, who then pulled surveillance footage from a camera positioned near the victim's home.

The victim identified Hayes as her upstairs neighbor in the footage from the camera.

When the manager went to confront Hayes, Hayes' wife answered the door and also identified Hayes as the man in the surveillance footage.

She told the manager Hayes had run off because he realized the victim called police.