Pee Dee woman releases her first movie

Charay Vaughn

Charay Vaughn,

31, of Bennettsville always had dreams to be an entertainer.

The native New Yorker says she's worked hard over the years to turn her dreams into reality.

Vaughn recently released her first movie titled

"Is This Love", under Char'chy Productions. The movie has a Christian theme and follows the friendships of three women.

Vaughn says she was inspired to write a movie after much success with her plays.

"I enjoy entertainment. I enjoy uplifting, inspiring. And when people come to me and be like wow Charay what you wore about, what you said really touched me. And had me look at life in a different aspect," said Vaughn.

Vaughn filmed most of the movie in Bennettsville and her cast hails from throughout the state.

She says it was a learning process because she had no idea how to use a video camera or edit, but says she was determined to learn.

"Always be focused.

Be determined. I have a drive for people. That's what drives me is my passion for me people and encouraging others."

Vaughn is a single mother of a 9-year-old girl and says she wants her child to be inspired by what she is doing to make it in the entertainment field. Over the years, she's hosted a local community talk show on television and she currently hosts a radio show in Scotland County.

Vaughn says following her dream takes a lot of hard work, but she's motivated to make it happen.

"Strength, prayer , being driven. Seeing past what is and just going forward with it .I really don't know what the future holds, but I just pray that God will continue to direct my path."

Vaughn's movie is now available on Amazon.


She's hoping a major production company will show some interest in her work and give an aspiring writer a chance.