Pee Dee town running over with trash

The Marlboro County town of Clio is literally running over with trash.

The trash collector says the town owes him money, and he's put a lid on hauling away any trash until he's paid.

"I don't like it, it stinks," said Luther Thomas.

Luther Thomas is one of 359 residents in Clio who hasn't had trash picked up in nine days.

Thomas said, " I shouldn't have to come by and smell this everyday." He says he's been paying $33 a month to the town for solid waste fees.

"Where is the money going? That was the first thing on my mind, " said Thomas.

The owner of Dixie Disposal, Joe Gentry, tells NewsChannel 15 he's not the one getting the money.

He says the town owes him $11,717, so he stopped picking up the trash as of Monday.

Gentry says he hasn't been consistenly paid since the spring.

Clio's mayor, Hamer McRae, says the town is working to pay Dixie Disposal.

"We negotiating with him as well to get everything done and back on track," said McRae.

In the meantime, the town has switched to a new trash company to save money, and the new company hasn't started picking up yet.

McRae said, "A way to kind of help the town, so that's why there are two sets of trash cans there. Nothing major, just a transition that we're going through."

Gentry says the town still has three years left on a contract with him, and he's considering suing the town.

The mayor says the new company will start picking up the trash by the weekend.

Dixie Disposal has been Clio's trash collector for the past seven years.