Pee Dee elementary school establishes uniform dress code

Lester Elementary School in Florence is establishing a uniform dress code for its nearly 500 students this semester, requiring students to wear khaki pants and white or navy blue collard shirts.

The school's principal says about 98% of students showed up in their uniforms for the first day of school.

"Everything went really well this first day of school. The kids most of them showed up in uniforms. I'm glad to see the parental support that we got and I hope that it carries on throughout the rest of the year," said Dr. Gary Mingo.

He believes the uniforms will prove to have a positive impact on grades.

"The kids are more on task because they're not worried about what someone else is wearing. They're worried about what's going on in the classroom, academically," Mingo said.

Some students say they don't think as many people will be teased because of the uniforms.

"They can't pick on them about what they wear now because they're wearing the same thing. People can't pick on each other about what they wear," said Cody Patsches, student at Lester Elementary.

Teachers and other staff members will also dress like students on Mondays and Fridays.

Principal Mingo says if the new dress code is a success, it will become permanent.