Peachtree Landing gets makeover, garden dedicated to Heather Elvis

It has been four months and there's still no sign of Heather Elvis.

The 20-year-old's car was found at Peachtree Boat Landing in Socastee in December. That's also where investigators believe she was killed.

Around 70 volunteers have worked since last Saturday to create give Peachtree Boat Landing a new look.

"We just thought it was really important to revitalize the landing here, so people could come and have a beautiful place to remember those who have lost their lives here," said Shamus Watts, a volunteer.

The boat landing has been repaved, dozens of flowers planted, and special trinkets have been placed around the area that have sentimental meaning to those who knew her.

"They actually had a wind chime hung up, and it's a sun and a moon. And, I thought it was ironic that they got that because that was one of her favorite things to draw was the sun and the moon and how they connect," said Morgan, Heather's sister.

The garden had been an unexpected surprise her family.

It's one of many memories that Morgan had of her sister as she showed WPDE NewsChannel 15 around the garden on Friday evening.

Not only has the transformation of Peachtree Boat Landing touched her and those who visit, but it also has made it less difficult to go there.

Morgan said it had been dreary down there before, but that's not the case anymore.

"Now there's a garden and everything now is a happy place, and so it's no longer a place for sorrow. It's a place for happy memories and to create new memories," she said.

A prayer vigil was also part of the garden dedication Friday.