Peaches Corner to celebrate 75 years

Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach looks very different from 1937, but one business that remains the same is Peaches Corner.

This October, the restaurant will celebrate 75 years.

Eunis and Johnny Burris bought the restaurant from the Peach family in 1943.

Now Briggs Dickerson and his wife operate the restaurant. They are the third generation from her family to do so.

"So many people that come to Peaches used to come with their families, with their parents, with their grandparents. We want them to see a new fresh look but we want to keep that old nostalgic feel," says Dickerson.

Jimmy Holliday brought his son, Ryan, in for just that reason.

"I've came here forever and I kind of wanted to pass on the tradition to my son here," said Holliday.

Holliday and his father used to come to Peaches Corner more than 30 years ago.

Dickerson attributes their success to the beach and the nostalgic feel to the restaurant.

He hopes that the restaurant will be around for many more years. "We'd like to see a 100 year celebration and keep going from there," he said.

Peaches Corner will be holding an anniversary party on October 6 from Noon - 3 p.m.