Payroll checks bounce from Mullins plant

Employees at Softee Supreme Diaper Corporation in Mullins say their payroll checks have bounced.

Wednesday morning, NewsChannel 15 got a message from a viewer about the bounced checks. The message said several employees quit as a result.

We immediately began making calls to look into the situation.

Marion County Economic Development Director Rodney Berry confirmed several payroll checks from the diaper company bounced last Friday, when employees went to cash them.

The company's CEO, Collin Brown, says last Wednesday the company deposited a check for a substantial amount of money into the bank. Brown says he didn't realize the bank had put a hold on the check. He says, as a result, the bank didn't honor the payroll checks of about 18 employees.

Brown says they immediately wired money into the account to cover the checks. He says as of Tuesday night, all of the payroll checks have cleared and the workers have been paid. He says he sympathizes with his employees for any problems it may have created, but it was a misunderstanding and it won't happen again.

Last Sunday evening, an entire shift of about 25 people walked out because some of them hadn't been paid. Brown says because they over-hired employees, they were able to bring in additional people and keep operating.

He says since the company moved to Marion County in September of 2009, they've never missed a payroll.

In 2009, company officials announced they would hire up to 262 people over the next four years. At this time, they have about 75 employees.

The company is located in the former Fabric Resources building on US Highway 76 in Mullins.

Softee Supreme Diaper Corporation has been in operation since 1999.