Pawn shop owner shot, killed

The shooting happened around noon Friday. The owner of an Atlantic Beach pawn shop was shot and killed in what police call a robbery gone bad.

Horry County Coroner Robert Edge says an autopsy was performed on 37-year-old Thomas Lane Holcomb Friday evening. Edge confirms Holcomb died of a gunshot wound, but did not want to get any more specific than that.

Yellow police tape is wrapped around the parking lot of the busy shopping plaza in Atlantic Beach at Thee Pawn Shoppe, the scene of the fatal shooting.

"It was right at lunchtime, somebody, somewhere had to have seen something, and we're asking for some help," said Sgt. Robert Kegler, with Horry County Police Department.

Police are asking people to step forward if they think they saw something suspicious Friday afternoon.

"There are several different businesses in Atlantic Beach that have surveillance security. We're checking with all of them," said Kegler.

Some of the businesses have outdoor security cameras, so they hope they can get a good look from several different angles.

"I walked out with two deliveries to leave for delivery, I see Atlantic Beach police in like something was wrong," said Todd Cooper, a China Dragon Delivery Driver.

By the time Cooper got back, he learned the grim news about his friend.

"Just him and the dog, yes sir, just opened the pawn shop up like any other day," said Cooper.

Cooper went on to say, "Just wonderful people man, just wonderful people, just didn't deserve it, really didn't."

Horry County Police hope someone will come forward with information. They ask that you call dispatch at 248-1520, or if you want to remain anonymous call 915-TIPS.

Thomas Lane Holcomb would have turned 38 this Sunday.