Pawleys Island Plaza developer holds public meeting

Sunbelt Ventures held a public meeting Monday night for the residents of the Waccamaw Neck area at the Pawleys Island Community Church.

They began by unveiling their plans for the plaza, which includes demolishing all current buildings, except for the Bank of America building, and placing a 119,500 square foot national retail store there.

The plaza will also be renamed Pawleys Island Village.

There have been rumors that the retail store is a Wal-Mart, but the developer says that it's simply a rumor.

"There is no deal between us and Wal-Mart," said developer Dusty Wiederhold. "We've been talking to them, and we've been talking to other national tenants."

At the meeting, Wiederhold mentioned other possible tenants like Target, Home Depot, and Lowe's.

Those involved in the project asked residents to write their questions down on cards that the appropriate person involved in the project could answer. But people began asking questions out loud and yelling comments.

Eric Muller, a resident of Pawleys Island attended the meeting and even left early because he was so frustrated.

"I was kind of disappointed. I didn't really hear anything that would sway my decision one way or another," said Muller. "I'm against a big box store in Pawleys Island. We've had way, way, way too much destruction of the Pawleys Island image go on in the last 10 years that I've been down here, and it's going to continue with a Wal-Mart."

The developer says he welcomes the comments as they will help his company make Pawleys Island Village into what the people of the Waccamaw Neck area want.

The next meeting is Thursday, September 20th at 5:30 p.m. at Waccamaw High School, where Sunbelt will present their ideas to the Georgetown County Planning Commission.