Pat Boone Family Theater faces another delay

The opening of The Pat Boone Family Theater has been delayed a second time.

The venue was originally expected to open October 1st and then October 14th.

Monday, in a news release, the theater's parent company said it would not release a new opening date at this time.

The theater, which is occupying the old NASCAR Caf on 21st Avenue North, suffered its first delay when it lost its headliner act, magician Morgan Strebler.

Strebler announced last month that he'd parted ways with the theater.

The latest delay was addressed in the following statements:

"Renovating the space from a vacant restaurant to a live performance theater is a huge project," says construction supervisor Nick Doria. "We've had some unanticipated issues come up that required immediate attention and much time. We have already accomplished a lot of great things in the building, but need to get everything right before the theater opens."

"We had hoped to open in October at the latest, but we were thrown some curves with the departure of our illusionist, as well as construction delays," Glenn Milligan, managing partner of Liquid Metal Holdings, the theater's parent company, adds. "In addition, we have been addressing special structural considerations as a theater staging an illusion show. We're in the final stages of hiring our headlining illusionist act and the building is coming along. But we realize that we only have one chance to open-- one chance to make a first impression. It is important to us that we have an outstanding theater and an exciting headliner to offer from the first moment we open our doors."

We'll let you know as soon as we hear a new opening date.