Partial Solar Eclipse happening on Sunday morning

This Sunday morning, early risers along the east coast of the United States will see the sun rise while it's in the midst of a partial solar eclipse. Because viewing may be a tricky, you'll need an open view of the eastern horizon so it's best to be at the beach. As the sun rises, it will appear to have a bite missing from it's bottom.

Between sunrise at 6:36am and roughly 7:05am,, the bite will diminish and then disappear as the moon moves along its orbit while the Sun climbs higher.

Remember, looking directly at the sun during any phase of a solar eclipse can be dangerous. Click here for some good tips for viewing the eclipse safely.

Even for experienced photographers, shooting a solar eclipse isn't easy, but with the right equipment and planning, you can get some memorable shots.

Here are useful tips for photographing a solar eclipse.

Mark your calendars for what many say will be the greatest show on earth. On August 21, 2017 much of South Carolina will see a total solar eclipse with 95% - 100% totality.