Parking pay stations coming to some Horry County beaches

Soon, you will have to start paying for parking at public beach accesses in Horry County.

Parking pay stations on Shore Drive and in Garden City Beach will be operational from April 1 until October 31.

The parking pay stations are at 115 South Waccamaw Drive in Garden City Beach and at the following public beach accesses along Shore Drive:

â?¢ Public Beach Access #18 - Ocean Annie's

â?¢ Public Beach Access #19 - Sands Ocean Club

â?¢ Public Beach Access #20 - Cottage Beach Ct.

â?¢ Public Beach Access #21 - Maison Dr.

Charges for the parking pay stations are $1.25 per hour or $6.00 for a 12-hour period.

They only accept credit and debit cards.