Parents want some students to get more unexcused absences from school

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition against Horry County Schools' attendance policy.

The petition claims the current policy eliminates the rights of parents to make essential decisions for their children, and they are asking the school district to revise the current policy.

Students are allowed 10 unexcused absences each school year.

An absence with a doctorâ??s note counts as an excused absence and does not count toward the 10 unexcused absences students are allowed.

The petition says children who are chronically ill may have more unexcused absences because of their sickness.

Horry County School Board Chairman Joe Defeo says the petitioners need to take the issue to someone else.

"Some of the stuff they are asking us to do is state law issue, not an Horry County School Board issue," said Defeo. "I would like to make it all a school board issue, but it's not. We have to abide by the state law for the attendance."

Defeo says he personally thinks 10 days is enough, but under extenuating circumstances, there should be some leeway given to parents and students.

He said principals and superintendents do have a little leeway to allow make up days in certain cases, but that could become problematic.

"When you have one particular student let's say misses 20 days of school for no apparent reason, not a doctor's note, not sick, not anything, then that becomes a little ridiculous to say that the school is not going to make all these changes for just one person," said Defeo.

We have reached out to the woman who started the petition in May. We have not yet heard back from her.

You can find the link to the Horry County Schools' attendance policy here.