Parents upset over school's decision to move teacher

Dozens of parents showed up at the Florence School District One Board meeting Thursday night to voice their concerns over a matter at Theodore Lester Elementary.

Parents got letters from the school Wednesday saying sixth grade teacher Reginald Ashe was being reassigned from Lester to Wallace Gregg Elementary due to Lester's low enrollment.

Parents told board members to move him from the school at the start of the year is a detriment to their childrens' education.

"We just feel as though to make such a radical change on such short notice is going to pretty much undo everything that we've worked for at this point," said William Diggs, Jr.

Lester Elementary's principal says the decision to move Ashe wasn't an easy one, but they're trying to deal with it in a positive way.

Still, some parents stil don't see the logic in reassigning Ashe.

"I do not like to lose Mr. Ash. He's an asset to Theodore Lester. He's an asset to our kids. It's about their education," said Tammy Sims King.

Parents say Ashe is innovative in the classroom and the students enjoy his teaching.

Lester's sixth grade class will now be split between two teachers.

Some parents say that's going to cause overcrowding in the classroom.

"The students that will be impacted will be severly disrupted. As well as we as the parents will have to go through an adjustment phase. I implore the board to please consider an alternative," said Diggs.

School board members listened to the parents concerns, but haven't said if they will reverse the decision to reassign Ashe.