Parents learn social media apps at FSD 3 back to school conference

Florence School District Three had their 10th annual back to school conference Saturday

Florence School District Three had their 10th annual back to school conference Saturday.

Shakeyla Brockington is an instructional coach at Olanta Elementary.

Her 11 year old nephew, 'Chichi' Davariuous, committed suicide after he found out about a 'game' on the popular social media app KIK.

Brockington is using her family's story as a reminder for parents to keep a close eye on their children's social media use.

Brockington spoke to Florence School District Three parents at their annual back to school conference about different social media apps and what they need to know to keep their kids safe.

"Monitor your kids, know what your kids are doing. Understand the parental controls when you are downloading apps on your children's phones," Brockington said she wants every parent to know.

Parents attended different sessions on multiple topics to inform them before school starts.

Hope Gibson has a daughter going into 6th grade in FSD3 and it is her 5th year going to the conference.

Like many parents she wants to stay up to date on what the school district is offering the children and what she needs to know to help them succeed.

The conference offered parents a chance to learn about a wide range of topics like helping their children apply to college to helping them transition to high school.

Gibson says she's learned multiple tools over the years to make sure she's teaching her children even when they're not in school.

"Being a parent is very important and having the right tools, learning things you need to know to help educate your child, that they might become successful in life," Gibson said.

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