Owner of dog that killed woman still in hospital

Sirlinda Hayes, 66, was attacked and killed by at least one rottweiler Thursday.

The man who owned the rottweilers that attacked and killed a Dillon County woman Thursday afternoon is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries suffered in the attack.

Dillon County deputies say Sirlinda Hayes, 66, was attacked and killed by one or both of the dogs outsider her West Main Street home.

The dogs were running loose when it happened. Hayes' nephew found her body shortly after the attack. Someone got the owner, and he was attacked when he tried to get the dogs under control.

Neighbors say deputies shot and killed the rottweilers when the dogs jumped at the officers.

Dillon County Captain Cliff Arnette says they're waiting to talk with the owner to get more details about what happened. He said it's too early in their investigation to say whether charges will be filed.

Dillon County Coroner Donnie Grimsley said an autopsy is being done, and he's waiting on the results.