Outfall projects begin in North Myrtle Beach

Construction is underway on a new project to improve ocean water quality and reduce localized flooding in one section of North Myrtle Beach.

On Monday, the city started a new ocean outfall project on the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Main Street.

Eli Cohen owns Bargain World just across the street from where the project is taking place.

"The problem with this area is when it's raining and it's raining hard the water just races up and the car just pushes it into the store," he explained.

He added that the storm water and flooding has gotten so bad in the past that he's actually had to use sand bags just to protect his business which is why he says the construction project is well worth it in the long run.

In addition to controlling flooding, the project means less bacteria in the ocean where people swim.

North Myrtle Beach officials explained that three small pipes that release storm water runoff on the beach are being combined into one large pipe that will release that water 1200 feet off shore.

Other business owners in the area like Roy Baransky say they're also prepared to deal with certain areas closed off.

"The bad side is it's going to hurt business a little bit for a while but always there's a little pain with a lot of gain," Baransky explained, adding that at least the work is being down during the slower winter months.

The city of Myrtle Beach had a similar project planned for Fourth Avenue North but construction on that has been postponed.

Officials only got one bid on the project and it was well over the engineers' estimate of $8.1 million.

The city will now re-bid the project in the spring, and hope to start construction October 1st of next year.