Outdoor kitchens, showers and a tiki bar at Darlington Raceway

Tiki bar set up by fans at Darlington Raceway/Tonya Brown

Fans are quite creative as they decorate their RV's and campgrounds at Darlington Raceway.

They've come from all over the country for this weekend's races.

The Hayes , Harris and Carlisle families of North Carolina wanted their camp site to stand out.

They've got an outdoor kitchen and shower.

"We have all the amenities of home. We do not suffer in any way when we're camping," said Traci Hayes.

"It took years of preparation. We have come to Darlington for seven eight years," said Beverly Carlisle.

The families are quite creative when it comes to decorations.

Nascar themed cups hold light bulbs to light up their camp site.

They've also designed their own Darlington Raceway gameboard.

"It took me about a week and a half. More of it was painting than anything else. We got the idea from a couple of friends that had the game last year. I went and added to it and painted everything out. Tried to make the track look like Darlington. My youngin's love it . Family loves it and enjoy bringing it out and playing it," said Matt Harris.

Cori Merritt of Charleston and her friends decorated their RV with a Hawaiian theme.

It features a full tiki bar, stuffed paradise birds, and Nascar themed surf boards.

"Each year, we've done a little something different. Last year, we had a pool. And we saw a picture of somebody had a tiki head in Daytona. So we just went from there and did our own version of a tiki head," explained Merritt.

Some fans say it cost them thousands to decorate their RV's and camp sites.

They say it was worth it and plan to have a good time at the Track Too Tough To Tame.