Out-of-State tag holders beware!

Every year, the Horry County Auditor's Office stations people at public schools looking for people who haven't registered their cars.

Auditor Lois Eargle says investigators will be in school parking lots next week looking for out of state license plates. The law requires new residents pay a car tax and get their cars registered within 45 days of moving to South Carolina.

"If you're getting a tax break from our taxes in Horry County and you are a resident, and if you don't register your vehicle, you might as well go ahead and take a gun and take it to that school and rob them, because that's exactly what you're doing," Eargle said at a news conference Thursday.

Delinquent taxpayers will be given a warning to get their cars registered within 45 days of the date their child was registered for school. If the car is not registered, a warrant will be filed against the owner for Failure to Pay Motor Vehicle Tax.

Eargle says since she started targeting those with out-of-state tags in 1994, her office has brought in millions of dollars for the school district.