Organization gets $10,000 to help provide health care to children

The Arthur W. Perdue Foundation presented $10,000 to Healthy Learners of Dillon County, Wednesday morning.

Healthy Learners
is a faith-based non-profit organization that seeks to provide children with access to health care so that poor health doesn't interfere with their education.

"It is often challenging to raise the dollars that we need on the local level and for Perdue to step up and provide 10 thousand dollars to our local program it validates the need to those organizations that we are approaching outside of Dillon to support the local program," said Jo Pauling-Jones, Executive Director Healthy Learners.

The Perdue Foundation is affiliated with Perdue Farms, the company that operates the Perdue Chicken Plant in Dillon.

Officials with the foundation say they always want to give a helping hand to organizations that give back.

"It's been a part of Perdue's aspirations and values to supports communities where we have our plants and our farms in and this organization serves a great purpose," said Randy Brown, Perdue Farms.

Rhonda Lewis has two children involved in the Healthy Learners program. She says it has been a big help to her family.

"It has meant health care for my children when I wouldn't otherwise have health care. They have met every need my children have needed with no hestitation," Lewis explained.

Healthy Learners is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System and was founded in 1992 on the belief that children can learn better when they're healthy.

It serves 144 schools across nine South Carolina counties.