Ordinance could change after garage shop owners complained it hurt their businesses

File image of the results of a fire at Joe's Garage on South Main Street in Darlington in March of 2014

The Darlington City Planning Commission met Tuesday to discuss changes ordinance impacting garage shop owners.

Among other things, the city ordinance says general auto and other motor vehicle repair operations must be conducted within fully enclosed buildings, that the businesses cannot have more than 10 disabled vehicles with current license plates on the property, and that servicing shall be conducted in an area that can be cleaned.

The city began enforcing the ordinance after a fire at Joe's Garage on Main Street back in March.

Since then, city code inspectors have been placing fines on garage owners who have more than 10 cars on their property and violating other sections of the ordinance.

After complaints, city planners took out a line in the ordinance that refers to only having 10 cars on the property.

The planners did add new conditions though. One of those conditions requires the businesses to conduct general auto and other motor vehicle repair operations within fully enclosed buildings. It reads there shall be no open storage of junked vehicles, dismantled parts, scrap parts, or other salvage material.

City planners will present the amended ordinance to the city attorney for review.

They will then vote on the changes and send it to Darlington City Council to approve.

Council members could change it altogether as they have the final say.