Operation Paper Chase clears up outstanding warrants

Deputies say they've cleared up more than a thousand outstanding warrants in Darlington County, thanks to a special operation.

The Darlington County Sheriff's Office lists the names of those with misdemeanor warrants in the county's two local newspapers.

They call it Operation Paper Chase, and it includes mostly bad check warrants.

Police say it not only helps merchants recover money, but also those charged.

"Some of these people who have what might be a minor charge, check charge, something along that line, rather than getting caught on a traffic stop somewhere far away from home and ending up in jail, they have an opportunity to come and straighten this thing up," explained Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Police started it in June and had no idea it would be so successful.

"Some of the warrants date back to 15, 20 years of people not being able to be located. Some defendants that we found had actually passed away, so by taking and going through with this program and so to speak spring cleaning, some of the warrant issues, we're able to clear up over a thousand warrants," said Captain Andy Locklair with the Darlington County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say most people are able to settle the matter without going to jail.

If your name is listed in the newspaper for an unserved warrant, you're asked to call the Darlington County Sheriff's Office at 398-4501.