One small community in South Carolina sees music fame

Homemade sign for Warren Stone of Hannah, SC

Warren Stone of the small Florence county community of Hannah is moving to the next round in the NBC show "The Voice."

Warren Stone's grandmother says she couldn't be more excited.

"I said if he goes no further, he's gone a long way and we're so proud of him," said Stone's grandmother, Peggy Eaddy.

She explained that music is in her grandson's blood.

"His Granddaddy had a guitar and he learned just the chords from his granddaddy on his guitar but he just picked up everything himself," she said.

Big music names picked up on that talent as they chose him to move forward.

"When he got through saying my name is Warren Stone and I'm from Hannah, South Carolina, that was a big highlight there. He was born and raised right here in Hannah," Eaddy explained.

So was another country music star you may recognize.

Josh Turner was also raised in Hannah, growing up right around the same time as Stone.

"It's not a little town that they find so much that they got to get out and do. They sit around home and maybe they don't have anything else to do. Pick up a pen or pencil and start writing a song. That's what he would do," she said.

June Bazin who works in Hannah Farm Supply said there are other reasons.

"Everybody's brought up in a church community where there's singing and you know they sang in church, maybe it's in the water, I don't know," she laughed.

Whatever it is, it might be working.