One month later: Where Myrtle Beach police stand with Memorial Day weekend violence

It's been one month since three people died in a shooting at an Ocean Boulevard motel in Myrtle Beach.

So far no arrests have been made in the deadly shooting at the Bermuda Sands on May 24. We asked why.

"In this case we are dealing with something that happened during a major event with a lot of people that were from outside town. We may not get the cooperation that you might get from people that live here permanently," said Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes.

Right after the shooting, Myrtle Beach police released a YouTube video of the shooting that was shot on a cell phone. That video went viral, and they hope it will give them a break in the case.

"Hopefully eventually someone is going to talk. Someone's going to bring that information back to us. Hopefully that's the information and the lead we need to break this case," said Captain Knipes.

He added they feel sure there are other videos out there of the shooting or that area. They ask that anyone who has one contact them.

Local officials have worked with state officials, including Governor Nikki Haley, to come up with ways to prevent violence next year.

Some of the ideas include a larger police presence.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has legislative permission to use state hospitality money to pay for additional law enforcement next May.

Brad Dickerson from the Chamber issued this statement to WPDE NewsChannel 15 Tuesday:

"The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is very pleased that the state of South Carolina can now redirect state-funded tourism promotional funds to pay for additional law enforcement in May 2015. Our estimations are that $1.2 million, which is one-third of the accommodations taxes we receive, will be redirected from promotion to law enforcement for the city of Myrtle Beach and for Horry County. Other communities like Surfside Beach and North Myrtle Beach could do the same if they so choose.

How that money is used is now in the hands of local government. Our intention was to give our governments more tools needed to increase safety, which has been done. It's now up to the cities and the county to make an application to the S.C. Department of Revenue for those funds. We fully support the city and county in that effort, and will offer our support through phone calls, letters and other such methods. The chamber does not have the responsibility or expertise to create law enforcement plans so we will, instead, support our local governments' efforts. They will endorse and approve a comprehensive plan to address the issues we experienced during the recent Memorial Day weekend. We expect the recently-appointed law enforcement task force to also be instrumental in that process. At this point, every reasonable solution is on the table.

We will assist local government and law enforcement in communicating the new plans being made to visitors and businesses. We are in the early stages of forming a proactive promotional plan to ensure those who travel here in May 2015 know what to expect. We will also collaborate with businesses and local residents to work in support of our area governments and law enforcement task force to ensure that we, as a community, move forward in making May 2015 much safer."

A task force has been formed through the Coastal Alliance of local mayors and county officials to find a way to end Bikefest.

Town officials with Atlantic Beach which puts on Bikefest have repeatedly said that the Memorial Day weekend shootings did not happen in Atlantic Beach and shouldn't be linked to Bikefest. They have no plans to end the event.