One man is using wood and parts of an old sheriff's car to create something speical

Adams is using his talents to create a special bench for the Darlington County Sheriff's Office (WPDE)

One man is building a bench for a local sheriff's department.

"I really wanted to be apart of this to give back to law enforcement to show them they're communities still support them no matter what," Clarence Adams, Founder of of A&C Creations an Adams Design said.

Adams is using his talents to create a special bench for the Darlington County Sheriff's Office.

"It's going to have the overall adirondack style bench," Adams said. " One back of the chair is going to look like the subdued American flag with a thing blue line, down the middle of it and I'm going to push 40 cal shell castings in where the stars would be."

It's called back the blue project.

"We're behind them. We're backing the blue line and letting the law enforcement that we're apart of them and we're not against them," Adams said.

Adams doesn't live in Darlington County, but the Army Veteran holds a special place for law enforcement there.

"They gave me the opportunity to actually be a police officer in Darlington County...but I didn't get the chance to go and I feel kinda bad for that cause I really wanted to be a police officer, I've wanted to be a police office since I was about this big," Adams said. "I couldn't think of a better department to actually donate it to."

Adams is modeling the bench after a real patrol car.

"Once you sit on the driver side you'll have the little toggle switch box you hit all the lights will come on and the lights under the table will come on like if it was sitting in a police car in the grill," Adams said.

The actual light bar is from a decommissioned Darlington County Sheriff vechicle.

"In the middle of this light bar its gonna say sheriff in yellow writing just like they would on a police vehicles," Adams.

Adams says he wanted to do it to bring the community together not just for the sheriff's office.

"It's for the people anybody that wants to be involved they wanna see it anytime they want. They can go get pictures with it," Adams said.

Adams plans to finish the bench by the end of next month

The Darlington County Sheriff's Department says they don't know yet where they'll put he bench, but it will be visible and they're excited about it.

If you're interested in helping with the project you can contact Adams at 843-250-5582 or email him at

You can find updates on the project here.

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