Ohio gun manufacturer to expand in Horry County, create 30-plus jobs

WPDE NewsChannel 15 confirmed Wednesday that an Ohio gun maker will be building a manufacturing facility in Horry County within the next few months, creating around 120 jobs.

The $6.7 million investment will help create those 120 jobs, that will include machine operators, gunsmiths, engineers and assemblers.

Ithaca Gun Company COO Mike Farrell tells WPDE NewsChannel 15 he has chosen a site in Cool Springs Business Park near Aynor for the construction of a facility to manufacture shotguns and rifles. It would nearly double the company's current production, Farrell said.

Farrell says Ithaca made the decision to expand to Horry County after considering factors that include proximity to a port and the availability of trained workers.

"We investigated and looked into it and to be all honest with you, it's the area and the ability of machinists that are in the area that we were really looking for," Farrell said.

Ithaca will be the second gun maker to locate in the Cool Springs park. PTR Industries is in the process of converting an existing building there and is expected to begin production sometime next year.

Farrell says Horry County has the potential to become a mini manufacturing hub for the firearms industry.

"From the looks of it, with PTR and possibly Stag Arms coming in, I can very well see it, yes."

New Britain, Connecticut-based Stag Arms is in the process of deciding between relocating to Horry County or Houston, Texas.