Officials investigate meth lab in Horry County

Officials are investigating a meth lab off Murray Johnson Road in Horry County, according to Horry County police spokesperson Sgt. Robert Kegler.

Remnants of a meth lab were found when the owner of the property went to inspect the home after he had evicted his tenants, Kegler stated.

Neighbors told NewsChannel 15 that they had seen suspicious activity in the area.

"I''ve smelled some awful smells the past ohhh probably week or two," said Clint Nelson.

Police in Greenwood County arrested the tenant believed to be involved on meth related charges. He is currently being held in jail in that county. His name has not been released.

School buses on that route from Aynor Middle School and High School remained at the schools and parents are asked to come pick them up, according to Horry County Schools spokesperson Teal Britton.

Nelson hopes police will patrol regularly in his neighborhood now.

"I think they should have been patrolling this road for a long time, there's a lot of suspicious activity," said Nelson.