Off-duty police officer killed neighbor's dog

This is a picture taken by the dog owners mother after he was shot.

An off-duty Myrtle Beach Police officer shot and killed his neighbor's dog, according to an Horry County Police Report.

The officer said the dog charged at him, so he had to shoot and kill it.

The officer told Horry County police that his neighbor's dog and his dog were in the back yard barking when he got back to his home in the Southgate subdivision of Carolina Forest Monday.

The officer said that the dog trapped his family in their car, so he went inside and got his .22 rifle.

The dog was gone by the time the officer returned to his car, so he went to unchain his own dog.

The officer said that the neighbor's dog returned and was aggressive towards him.

He said he fired one shot into the ground and it did not deter the dog so he fired three times, killing the dog.

Coty Calviera owns the dog. He spoke with NewsChannel 15 on the phone.

He says his dog was shot three times.

Calviera tells us his dog is known in the neighborhood as a friendly dog.

He declined to talk with us on camera because he was so upset.