NY teen still missing after Myrtle Beach spring break

A New York teenager on spring break in Myrtle Beach has vanished, and police are intensifying efforts to find her.

The 17-year-old and three friends from Rochester, NY, checked into the Bar Harbor Hotel last Wednesday.

Those three friends checked out, but Brittanee Drexel never did.

Last Wednesday, Brittanee Drexel made the trip with friends to Myrtle Beach without her mother -- Dawn Drexel's -- permission.

"I'm just getting really nervous. I just want my daughter. I just want her to be with me," Dawn Drexel told NewsChannel 15.

Dawn talked with Brittanee everyday until Saturday and thought she was with friends in New York. Up until Saturday night Dawn didn't know Brittanee was in Myrtle Beach until she got a call from Brittanee's boyfriend, John Grieco.

"He said, 'Yeah they can't find her.' What do you mean? I said, are you serious? He said "Yeah,'" said Dawn.

According to police, Brittanee left the Bar Harbor Hotel and went to visit a friend named Peter Broswick. Broswick is also from Rochester and was staying at the Blue Water Resort with a different group.

Police reports say Brittanee left Broswick's room when one of her friends at the Bar Harbor called and said she needed back her pair of shorts.

Police are operating on the assumption that Broswick was the last to see Brittanee who never made it back to the Bar Harbor hotel -- about a 20-block walk along the beach from the Blue Water Resort.

When a missing persons report was filed on Sunday, Brittanee's friends told police they had not seen her since the night before.

Police found Brittanee's belongings (except her cell phone) still in the Bar Harbor hotel room.

Police also discovered that Broswick checked out a few hours after last seeing Brittanee -- around 1:00 a.m. Sunday and drove back to Rochester.

Brittanee's family said a private investigator told them Broswick did not collect his security deposit before leaving, though NewsChannel 15 has not been able to confirm that.

Brittanee's mom finds Broswick's quick departure fishy.

"He's like 'OK, we had to check out.' I'm not stupid. You don't check out at one or two in the morning," said Dawn Drexel.

Since then, no one's heard from Brittanee.

Her mother, family, and boyfriend John came to Myrtle Beach Sunday to hang fliers.

"I'm not going home until she's found," said John Grieco. "I'm hoping she came and enjoyed the weather and needs a couple more days. Then hopefully she'll come back," Griece said, adding he was more optimistic after hearing of possible, but not confirmed, sightings of Brittanee on Tuesday.

Brittanee's mother is also holding out hope, though she still fears the worst.

"The worst thoughts are either somebody took her, somebody may be holding her against her will or she may not be alive, " Dawn said.

Calls to Peter Broswick on Tuesday went unreturned, though NewsChannel 15's affiliate station, WHAM, in Rochester reports that Broswick has hired an attorney and isn't talking.

Myrtle Beach Police say they're working with SLED and other agencies on several leads, but they aren't speculating. NewsChannel 15 confirmed the Georgetown County Sheriff's Department assisted Myrtle Beach in investigating one lead on Tuesday, though they wouldn't elaborate.

Cpt. David Knipes with Myrtle Beach Police Department couldn't answer many specifics on Tuesday but said they aren't ruling anything out.

"Until you actually have a person and know they're OK, you can't rule anything out. You know, it could be anything from being a runaway to an abduction. We just don't know right now , " said Knipes.

Knipes said several investigators are tracking down all leads including reviewing cell phone records and surveillance video and tracking down interviews.

When asked what he thought of Broswick's leaving just hours after last seeing Brittanee, Knipes said he's sure eyebrows would be raised.

"I have not had the chance to interview him to find out why. Obviously going back to Rochester is a 16-17-hour drive. I don't know what his plans were. So it's hard to speculate without talking to him directly," Knipes said.