Number of voting machines an issue at Florence Precinct 9

Florence County State Representative Terry Alexander said he's gotten a few calls from voters concerned there aren't enough voting machines at the precincts.

There are four voting machines for 1,825 registered voters at Precinct 9 in the City of Florence.

One woman said she's waited in line for more than an hour and a half.

Alexander is worried that could create problems. "My concern is the wait that the people have to endure. This is my second call that I received where they say there's not enough boxes at the particular precincts. I think we need to go downtown and talk to the register's office and find out why they don't have the number of boxes that is required at this precinct," he said.

Precinct 9 should have between 7 to 9 voting machines, according to Alexander. "They only have four and that's a grave concern. You know the lines outside the door and people are just having to go and they're having to wait."

More than 200 people are waiting to vote at Precinct 9, but not everyone is upset about it.

"It's been a mad line, but its worth waiting," said Edith Briggs.

First time voter Rondell Washington is so happy to cast his ballot, he said the wait isn't a big deal. "It's my first time. First time - and I'm going to voice my opinion."

About 130 of the precinct's 1,825 registered voters had cast ballots by 9:30 Tuesday morning.

"It's going great. The precincts are doing well. The workers are working together," said Donald Robinson, poll worker.

Election officials questioned if moving Precinct 9 from the Fire Station on West Marion Street would impact turnout, but poll workers said it hasn't.

"I noticed that everyone is coming from the old precinct. I haven't. Any trouble at all coming from the fire station here to the boys club," said Betty Wilkens, Poll Manager.

Florence County Voter Registration Director David Alford says voter turnout is heavy and there have been some minor issues.

Alford stated that people who haven't voted in a long time and have new addresses are running into problems and are being sent to the voter registration office to straighten out the situation so they can cast their ballots.

He added they've received some complaints about not having enough voting machines at the polling places, and they're adding them as needed.

In Darlington County, Precinct 3 had 52 percent of it's 2436 registered voters show up by Tuesday afternoon. A poll manager says everything is going great. He says voters are getting in and out within 15 minutes.

There have been some complaints in Dillon County. NewsChannel 15's Tonya Brown is on the way to check them out.