North Myrtle Beach police hold county's first drug drop off

In 2008, experts say 15.2 million Americans, or about 4 percent of the population, abused prescription drugs.

North Myrtle Beach police are trying to lower that number. Today police and fire departments held Horry County's first prescription drop off today. Community members could drop off any medication that were outdated or unwanted, no questions asked. The Florence County Sheriff's Office held a similar medicine drop off earlier this year.

A DHEC pharmacist were reviewing the medications and recording what was being dropped off. From there, the drugs got tossed into a large trash can. Later this week, they'll be incinerated. Authorities say as the numbers for drug abuse are still growing, now's the perfect time for an event like this.

"Kids you know they're at Grandma's house, you know they're at home all day." Lieutenant Joe Turner said. "They'll get into medicine cabinets accidentally some, some do it on purpose you know. and they get into stuff that just doesn't need to be gotten into so to speak. and we're trying to eliminate some of that."

In 2008, the University of Kentucky conducted a national survey on drug use. They found the biggest problem places with adolescent prescription drug abuse was actually in rural or suburban areas instead of big cities.