North Myrtle Beach is getting a marina. Whether they like it or not.

A new marina and more land could be coming to North Myrtle Beach soon.

A developer wants to put in a marina on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway near the Tidewater community.

At a North Myrtle Beach City Council workshop, council members discussed a Marina Mixed Use Zoning Ordinance that would allow the marina to be built under city codes.

That land is technically Horry County's jurisdiction, but Mayor Marilyn Hatley says the developer wants to annex that land into North Myrtle Beach.

"It would give him water and sewer, it would give him police and fire protection," said Hatley.

A spokesperson for Horry County says for the marina to be built in that area, the developer would only need state permitting, because it is already zoned for a marina by the county.

North Myrtle Beach believes that it is better for the city to have jurisdiction than Horry County.

"If it's done properly it can be a great addition to our city," said Hatley.

Some residents feel that the addition would ruin their homes.

Around 25 people attended the meeting from the Tidewater area, voicing their concerns about the marina.

"I believe the mayor when she said there is going to be a marina. So we're trying to join in and help to deal with this and how we are going to live with this," said Harborloft resident, Cynthia Stanley.

Stanley says heavy boat traffic near her home has already destroyed their homes and this marina would add to that destruction.

"The buffer between the wall and the waterway has literally washed away," said Stanley.

Mayor Hatley says that she believes their claims are legitimate, but that there's not much council can do to stop the construction of the marina.

North Myrtle Beach will have a second and final reading on the marina in two weeks.