North Myrtle Beach housing market on the rise

Those of you in the North Myrtle Beach area may be noticing more homes popping up along the coast.

The North Myrtle Beach planning department says single family home permits have increased by 34 percent in the past year.

R.S. Parker Homes is one company benefiting from this housing boom, and they are continuing to build new homes off 6th Avenue South in North Myrtle Beach.

Ray Matheney, Marketing Director with R.S. Parker, credits the increase to the large number of families moving in from the eastern seaboard and the end of the recession.

"Normally July is not a great month for home sales, but last July, it was like somebody flipped a switch. Our sales went up, and it's been holding steady ever since," Matheney said.

The report also says townhouse building permits and replacement mobile home permits have increased more than 25 percent.