North Carolina winery opening location in North Myrtle Beach

A new winery is being planned for a busy area of Horry County and will bring new jobs and a new reason for tourists to visit.

Duplin Winery is family-owned and is the oldest and largest North Carolina based facility. Next spring, it's opening a second South Carolina winery in North Myrtle Beach.

The general manager of Duplin Winery says the two brothers who own the winery are excited about starting a new business on the Grand Strand.

"Our goal in coming to the Grand Strand is to give our folks a destination and somewhere to enjoy their time and their day," Morgan Jackson said.

She says it's not only a winery, but an attraction. They will have porches and patio areas for people to relax and listen to live music.

Duplin Winery will also have a bottling facility.

"We do have approximately 150,000 cases that are made each year from South Carolina grapes," said Jackson. "We plan on bottling that wine there in South Carolina at our location in North Myrtle Beach."

Duplin Winery is one of only a handful of wineries in South Carolina.

Vicki Weigle is the owner of La Belle Amie Vineyard in Little River. She says there aren't many wineries or vineyards in the state because of the strict laws.

"North Carolina has well over 100 wineries and South Carolina has 4, 5 or 6. What does that tell you?" she asked. "There's not been a lot of support in this state for wineries."

Now that Duplin Winery is coming to the area, Weigle says she is excited to see the industry slowly growing. She says she doesn't look at it like competition.

"Our goal is to introduce people to wine. And if we can get them drinking wine, whether its Duplin wine or our wines, or Silvercoast Winery right up the road, that's wonderful," she said.

Weigle hopes the new winery will be a symbiotic relationship. She has the vineyards and the land to showcase the industry. La Belle Amie Vineyard is located on 40 acres of land.

Duplin Winery will be a 15,000 square foot facility off of U.S. 17 in North Myrtle Beach.

Jackson says Duplin is aiming to open around Easter of next year. They plan to hire between 30 and 40 people at the new facility in South Carolina.