No sign of missing teen one year later

It's been one year since a Conway man went missing and Horry County police have run out of leads.

19-year-old Zack Malinowski went missing on August 25th of 2013.

He was last seen playing basketball with one of his friends near 7th Avenue in Aynor.

A week later, his car was found burned in the woods off of Valley Forge Road near Aynor.

The investigation remains open and police need any information someone might have to help find him.

Police don't know much about the disappearance, but they do believe the teenager is the victim of a crime.

Police say the most challenging part of this case is the lack of tips.

Lt. Robert Kegler, with Horry County police, says a lot of the detectives utilize tips they receive to develop a case.

"A lot of the times we are able to get the information that we need to develop probable cause, make a charge or find what we are looking for," said Lt. Kegler.

He says in this case there have been very few tips.

"When things are fresh, you get more information right off the bat, typically. But as time goes on things do dwindle down," he said.

During the past year, multiple searches have been conducted to find any sign of the 19-year-old.

But all they found was his burned out Chevy Berreta.

"When a missing persons' vehicle is found burned, it's typically intentionally set," said Lt. Kegler.

But the family is still hopeful someone will come forward.

Lt. Kegler says any tip is important, no matter how small.

He says people are allowed to call in tips and remain anonymous.

"They don't have to give their information if they don't want to," he said. "Just give us the information that you know about this incident."

A ceremony is being held in honor of Zack Malinowski at the Aynor town park Sunday night at 6.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Zack Malinowski, call the Horry County police department at 915-TIPS.