No Parking signs could go up on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach

It could soon be illegal to park between 7th and 14th Avenues North all year round.

Although right now, parking there is legal between October and March, there's a motion before the Myrtle Beach City Council to make that change.

Part of the reason for the motion is an effort to alleviate some of the congestion in that area.

If it passes, Gay Dolphin gift shop owner Justin Plyler said it will hurt his bottom line.

"I don't think that there's enough traffic to justify the elimination of parking. I think it will hurt businesses," Plyler explained.

Plyler added that similar attempts in the past did just that. "This is not a new thing the city has tried this six or seven times in the past. Each time it has cut into my business, the worst of which was 75%."

The ban would still allow emergency crews, police, vendors and delivery crews to park anytime of year. So, delivery driver Steven Hardwick explained that it would bring some relief.

"In the wintertime the boulevard's packed with people parked on the side of the boulevard. It makes it real hard for us to deliver the groceries. We have to park streets over, roll through alleyways," Hardwick said.

Hardwick added that takes a big toll on both his body and his bottom line as well. "It's tremendously rough on our backs, on our legs. It's a hassle, it would help us out tremendously get us done faster so we can be home with our families."

Council members are waiting to hear from the Oceanfront Merchants Association before making any decision.

Their next discussion about it could come at their meeting on March 25th.

If the parking ban is approved, it would go into effect October 1.