No more smoking at Dirty Don's

Dirty Don's Oyster Bar and Grille on 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach changed their policy and will no longer allow smoking inside the restaurant or on the main deck in front of the restaurant.

Owner Don Cauthen says, "Times are changing and it is only a matter of time before the City of Myrtle Beach goes smoke free, we are going to be ahead of the curve. While we will loose a few customers because of the change, I have no doubt that in the long run this is the right decision and will increase business as well as improve the health of our patrons and staff."

"While we have special smoke eaters that do a good job of cleaning the air, they are no substitute for making the change to being a non smoking establishment," adds Patrick Carroll, a bartender at the restaurant.

Smokers will still be allowed to light up on a "smoking patio."