No jail time for 71-year-old who feeds stray cats

Gerri Dempsey, 71, will not face jail time for feeding stray cats.

In court Wednesday morning, Dempsey and the court came up with a compromise, according to her attorney Amy Lawrence. Dempsey can't feed cats at businesses or restaurants and she can't trap cats at businesses or restaurants without permission.

Catina Hipp, with Conway police, says Dempsey has at least 38 stations around the city to feed the feral cats and Dempsey tries to fill all of them daily.

She brings about 15 cats a month to have them spayed or neutered at Coastal Animal Rescue in Murrells Inlet, according to David Parks with the shelter.

Dempsey has been to court two times before for previous tickets since a new Conway ordinance outlawed feeding feral animals in March.

Another ticket was given to Dempsey for Trespassing while feeding on someone's land without permission.

Hipp said Dempsey violated ordinance Sec. 9-2-2 Nuisances generally; prohibited.

The law says it is "unlawful for any person to maintain within the city, any residence, building, place, condition or thing which is offensive to the public health, safety or morals and which amounts in law to a public nuisance."