No good at golf? No problem! Try Foot Golf!

Any fair to middlin' golfer will tell you that golf is a tough game, and that's not all.

"It's time-consuming and it's expensive, so you know that disqualifies a number of people right there," said Golf Academy of America president Jim Hart.

That's where foot golf comes in, sort of a mash-up of soccer and golf.

The Meadowlands Golf Club in Calabash, North Carolina just opened the Grand Strand's first foot golf course.

It's cheap: 9 holes start at $10.

And it's quick to play. Foot golfers can get through 18 holes in under two hours.

In a competitive golf market, Meadowland's general manager says foot golf is a niche that helps his course stand out.

"The beauty of it is we're appealing to a market that may never have connected to play our facility or our golf course before," said Jason Monahan.

Monahan's kids helped design the foot golf course, with the help of a Meadowlands employee who just happens to be on the Myrtle Beach Mutiny soccer team.

He says foot golf is catching on.

"I think they have about 160 licensed courses in the nation now and there's courses popping up all over Europe," says Mutiny captain Max Weston.

Monahan says part of the appeal of foot golf is that it attracts all skill levels.

"We can take your youngster that's never played golf, he's never played soccer, we can take your adult that's never played golf or never played soccer and they can come out and they can play foot golf and enjoy it."

But what do golf purists and traditionalists think?

Hart says he thinks it'll bring new people to the game.

"I think anything to grow the sport and make it more interesting, particularly the younger people, is a positive, so I'm all for it."

Monahan says Meadowlands will start its first foot golf league next month.