No charges filed in accidental shooting at Inlet Square Mall

Horry County police will not file charges in connection with the accidental shooting at Inlet Square Mall Tuesday.

Just before a veterans pinning ceremony, a woman was shot in the leg when a gun went off inside another woman's purse.

The bullet went into the victim's right leg and lodged in her left leg.

Police said gun discharged when the woman placed her purse on the ground.

"The woman actually came to us and said listen I think this is what happened and showed us her purse," said Sergeant Robert Kegler.

After presenting the details of the investigation to the 15th Circuit Solicitor's Office, both police and the solicitor's office decided not to file charges. Police say the woman had a valid Concealed Weapons Permit, allowing her to have the gun.

We called Inlet Square Mall Manager Joe Weirick, who told us the mall does not allow concealed weapons inside.

But Horry County Deputy Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said the signs posted outside of the mall are not legal.

To be legal, the signs need to be between three and a half to five feet from the door. The ones at Inlet Square Mall are too far away.

Even if the signs had been posted properly, the most the woman could have been charged with is a misdemeanor for failing to abide by the mall's policy, said Richardson.

"There's no really negligent firing (charge). There's nothing that covers what happened in this case," said Richardson. "But if it had killed someone there would have been a harder look because there is a law on point with regards to negligent homicide."

A friend of the victim says the victim is recovering and eager to put the incident behind her. She has spoken to the woman who owned the gun.

Do you think the gun owner should have been charged?