North Myrtle Beach ready to roll with new hurricane-ready trucks

NMB ready to roll out new hurricane ready trucks for Irma (WPDE)

The City of North Myrtle Beach has new wheels that are ready to help if Irma or any other storm comes to the coast.

Recently, the city obtained two army tactical vehicles for free through the federal government 1033 Program.

The vehicles can go through 6 to 8 feet of water, which allows public safety officers to get to places they wouldn't be able to in normal patrol cars.

Keith Williams, a Public Safety Officer with North Myrtle Beach, says the National Guard provided similar vehicles last year for Matthew, but they usually come after a disaster.

"It saves our patrol cars as the streets flood from damage to them internally. It allows us to get firefighters and police out there where people need us," said Williams.

Having the trucks in house allows them to continue some services while the storm is happening.

"This vehicle allows us to stay out there longer, much longer than we usually would have been able to," said Williams.

He said they’ve already used the vehicle to pick up some supplies and they could also be used to pull things, like trailers and generators.

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