Nine month old baby dies after swallowing pill

Florence County Coroner Bubba Matthews is waiting for final autopsy reports in the death of a nine month old baby.

Matthews says the father saw his child swallow what looked like a pill at a home on Third Loop Road in Florence County.

He says the mother tried to get it out of little boy's mouth, but couldn't.

M atthews says 20 minutes later, the boy started having seizures.

According to Florence County EMS officials, the child was taken to McLeod Regional Medical Center.

The coroner says the nine month old died three weeks ago after being on life support for two days.

Matthews ordered an autopsy to be performed as well as toxicology tests to figure out what the boy swallowed.

"My concern is what did the child ingest and how did the child ingest it. Was it something that possibly could have been a drug of some type? And if it was, then after my results come in from the toxicology report and from SLED, will be certainly sent to the sheriff's office for their investigation for them to determine what they want to do on this," said Coroner Matthews.

It could be up to four months before the tests results come in.

The baby's name isn't being released at this time.

Investigators with the Florence County Sheriff's Office, along with the Florence County Solicitor, will decide if charges will be filed.