Nightclub to replace Horry County gentleman's club

An Horry County strip club owner is looking to re-invent his business after a crackdown on adult businesses.

Mike Rose, who is the owner of the Gold Club, says his business will become Empire Nightclub on Aug. 1. Rose says it will be a mainstream nightclub with a dance floor, game room, and VIP tables.

Earlier this month, the solicitor's office filed a nuisance complaint against the Gold Club and four other adult entertainment businesses alleging they allowed lewd acts.

Rose says he is changing his business to stay out of Horry County's crosshairs going forward.

"The county is relentless. They're not going to stop until they get what they and want, and we are just going to avoid that by making the change and abating the nuisance completely," Rose said.

15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says no decision has been made about the nuisance complaint as of Thursday. He says it will be discussed over the next few days.

Currently, Rose has an ongoing lawsuit against Horry County after they denied a business license to him to open a second location.

The county passed its new adult entertainment law last september that puts restrictions on where an adult businesses can locate and includes new definitions for nudity, and requires all adult businesses and their employees to be licensed by the county.

Rose's club will operate as the Gold Club until Jul. 31.

A farewell party will be held for friends and customers of the club on Sunday.