NickMom has moms ticked over "vulgar programming"

A local mom is one of thousands across the country outraged by NickMom -- a block of nightly, adult-themed shows on Nick Jr. The programming debuted Oct. 1, but some mothers are already insisting it be pulled from the air saying the adult humor belongs on adult channels.

Latisha Morgan of Conway started a facebook page, Cancel Nick Mom, the same day the new programming launched. It already has more than 1,000 likes and is one of several in a movement against the new block of adult-focused programming.

Morgan's complaint is the programming airs on Nick Jr., a channel aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

"I'm thankful for 2 am. I don't have any other kids channel and I've been up all night with a sick toddler. This is getting ridiculous. Nick Jr please give my kids back their channel," Emily Winner wrote on the page.

The block includes shows such as "What Was Carol Brady Thinking," which sauces up reruns of "The Brady Bunch" with the supposed off-color thoughts that mom Carol was having during the episodes (example: "Does Mike think needlepoint is foreplay?") and "Parental Discretion," a hidden camera program.

"The first night I heard something about vaginal orgasms and penises. And I ran to my daughter because she was still watching TV while I was washing up. And I was like 'what happened' and she was like, 'what's an orgasm?," Morgan said.

A similar block was successful-Adult Swim, which airs at 10 p.m. on a competing kids cable channel, Cartoon Network. However, unlike the Cartoon Network, Nick Jr. does not air separate East and West coast feeds. Meaning the block that airs at 10 p.m. in New York airs at 7 p.m. in California and 4p.m. in Hawaii, when children are still watching.

"If they wanted to do something for moms, give us money saving tips, fitness ideas, ways to educate our children!! NOT something I have to overhear the word "monkey sex" in my 3-year-old's room and DIVE for the remote because of!!" Amanda Holder wrote.

"We aren't here to fight them. We are here to let Nick Jr./Viacom/sponsors know how we feel. We don't have to stoop to that level of degradation." KaiLani Glass wrote on the facebook page.

The push has now lead to two online petitions, one with more than 1700 signatures, another 1100. Another parent has launched a website.

"We will not stand quietly while Viacom's corporate greed and irresponsiblility destroy one of the only 24 hour preschool channels," it says on the site.

"When I heard that they were going to have a mom show I thought it would be a show catered to something moms could watch with their children. Not something I'd literally have to put my child to bed, stop them from watching their television show, so I could watch something," Morgan said.

There's also a twitter account that each day posts links and contacts to a major advertiser, urging viewers to write about pulling their ads.

Last week, the week ended Oct. 14, the four shows in the two-hour block that airs from 10 p.m. to midnight averaged 165,000 viewers, or less than a third of what Nick Jr. averaged for the week in primetime, according to TV bizwire.

Some averaged fewer than 100,000 viewers.

There are people who like the shows. NickMom's Facebook page has 60,000+ likes, with commenters saying they enjoy the mom-focused humor.