NFL Pro Bowl receiver trades in playbook for the Good Book

Roger Carr, former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver, leads his congregation in North Myrtle Beach.

Every good book has chapters and the Genesis of Roger Carr making a name for himself started in the 1970's.

"That's myself in younger days," said Carr as he watched old videos on his computer. "That's Bert Jones the quarterback right there, and that's me on the receiving end. I was just scared to death and ran as fast as I could."

Carr played wide receiver in the NFL for ten years, a majority of which he played for the Baltimore Colts. In 1976, he was selected to the Pro Bowl.

But along the way, Carr decided to trade in his talents as a football player for his talent of preaching the gospel.

"It's not easy, but it's fulfilling and it's a wonderful thing to see people give their hearts to Christ and knowing you're making a difference."

Since last July, he's sat as head pastor for the Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church in North Myrtle Beach, passing along the message he received throughout his journey.

"It's not me or I," said Carr. "It's we and us."

After his playing days were over, Carr became a coach and he said his time coaching prepared him from his time at the pulpit.

"As a pastor, I think I've been prepared to work with people and be the best that I can be," said Carr.

Most of his congregation say for a man who accomplished so much, you'd never know it.

"I was talking to someone yesterday and they went to him and said 'are you famous?' and he said 'No, I'm just an old football coach'," said church member Greer Advant. "I think that's Roger. That's how he is."

"You just begin to see where the Lord put you in position and sent wonderful people your way to help you mature," said Carr.

As his story flips from chapter to chapter, it will ultimately lead to the last one.

But Carr said he has not had a Revelation that he's done writing his story just yet.

"I think the sports background gave me a wonderful lead in to ministry," said Carr.